excitebike is made up of three mysterious folks who have adopted the names track one, track two and track three. they might be considered outsider but the case is really just that they reappropriate everything they feel the desire to. casios, kazoos, broken records, effects, other people's music... whatever is available when they are. songs and pieces are constructed on the spot and sent off in glass bottles without exploring the notion of revision.

all three members recorded a cassette entitled "lean on me and pirate free" (revival 004) in the fall of 1998 and spring of 1999. during that same time, tracks two and three recorded a fatboy slim "remix" for a contest. it was never submitted, but was later released as cd single entitled "remix minus one" (revival 009).

a few years later track three brought the name back to release the "rebuilt carpenters" ep as a karoake mash-up, long after the invention of the former term existed but before the advent of the latter.

some day tracks one, two and three will get together for more antics.