dozy vs. drake - upon further consideration

Upon Further Consideration: Two sonic artists embracing on similar musical planes - sculpting audio paintings, ignoring structure, skewing accessibility and searching for melting points amid various sound adventures.

Definitely not your typical remix project.

During the final legs of Winter 1998, a collaboration between Drake Tungsten (a.k.a. Britt Daniel) and rising space-explorer Dozy (a.k.a. Chris Elles) assembled itself into a 33:55 minute sonicscape. Initially manifested from three 4-track cassettes (including dozens of Drake's various home recordings, studio takes, demos and texture explorations), Upon Further Consideration progressed into a puzzle that challenged the listener to define what the composition actually "is" since most of Drake's final versions of the intertwined songs have not yet been released. A remix? A re-translation? A mystery. Cutting, arranging, pasting and replacing...the process was as mind-bending as the outcome. Walking backwards isn't so difficult. Although, Dozy's effervescent coats of varnish might make you a bit dizzy when sliding through your travels. Sometimes, you just have to be pulled.

U.F.C. fuses several blends of bubbly electronic pulses, ever-changing moods, far-gone & out vocals, hints of sand-in-scissors effects and Spoon-fulls of new and previously unreleased material from both artists. Peeling away the skin from the abstract arrangement, you'll find an experimental Drake comfortably submerged by heavenly undertones, reverberated bliss and dense, violet noise. Throughout each listen, Dozy and Drake are found living and breathing underneath a glazed microscope lens no matter where you look inside the sonicscape's 3-dimential shape. Comprehending the two is another story. Soak it all in from start to finish, read between the lines and make your own interpretations. U.F.C.'s sea of vibrations never offer the same experience.